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Welcome Medical Students

Welcome to Northwestern Medical Center’s page dedicated to Medical Students. This site will continue to evolve, so check back often!

Rotations Available

Currently, our Emergency Department offers great rotations for fourth-year medical students. You can set up a month long rotation in our ED, working 12 hour shifts alongside an experienced Emergency physician in a fast-paced environment. While NMC is a small, community hospital, the Emergency Department is a great example of a high-volume environment in a rural area- nearly 28,000 visits per year. 

We also have pediatricians and family practitioners in our service area that offer rotations to students. While many practices are not owned by the hospital, most of the practitioners are part of our medical staff, and we can try to help you find a physician in the area that would be happy to have you with them for a rotation. In the future, we hope to offer more rotations in the areas of: Internal Medicine, Hospitalist, General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, and OB/GYN. Ask if you are interested in our medical community and are looking for a rotation in any of the above areas!

Taking the Next Step

To inquire about an opportunity or to come to NMC for a visit, contact:

Jennifer Savage - Physician Recruiter

Jennifer Savage
Physician Recruiter
(802) 524-1292